Our Services

Cost Allocation

and Recovery Programs

We outperform our competition by providing complete cost allocation and recovery programs. Our focus is to identify, claim, recover and monitor federal and state indirect cost and employee fringe benefits recoveries for our clients. We employ superior cost finding techniques and perform very detailed cost analyses to identify all allowable program expenditures. We use our propriety cost allocation system software to prepare the most sophisticated central service cost allocation plans. We prepare all required supporting documentation and effectively submit claims and negotiate indirect cost and fringe benefit cost recoveries with federal and state sponsored programs. Finally, we defend and advocate on behalf of our clients before various federal and state agencies.

Healthcare Fiscal Management

and Reimbursement Services

Our firm is uniquely qualified to provide all costing and reimbursement services required by our clients. This includes the provision of very specialized cost reporting and fiscal management services for healthcare facilities. We advise our clients on the most technical issues including fiscal compliance, rate setting, billing, client trust funds, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, and other technical issues. We successfully prepare annual Medicare and Medicaid cost reports for psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare providers. We also advise our clients on complex healthcare transactions, litigation, laws and regulations.

Improving Government Programs

and Fiscal Performance

We are routinely engaged to develop highly specialized cost studies and comprehensive management and operational assessment studies. We have the skills and experience to study the most complex and specialized government settings. We have prepared very technical cost studies and assessments of parks and recreation programs; golf course operations; school districts; police academies; engineering and planning departments; correctional facilities; community transportation programs; police and fire departments; sheriff’s offices; and other operational activities of governmental organizations. We also assist our clients with budgeting, longer-term forecasting, and government subsidy analyses.


Revenue Enhancement Services

We often identify and pursue complex revenue enhancement initiatives on a performance (contingency) fee basis. These initiatives usually require substantial effort and resources and success is dependent upon many variables. We assume the risk associated with the project and there is no up-front budgeting or cost to the client. Instead, the client is only required to pay a fee based on our successful performance, which is paid from the additional funds generated as a result of our efforts.